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Welcome to Sagebin. We’re excited you could join us!


We are just rolling out our first versions of iOS and Android apps as well as a Roku channel. Here’s the status of each:

iOS: This is a private app and is not in the App Store

Android: v1.08 in the Google Play store!

Roku: Here’s the link to install the latest Roku Channel, go here to add it to your Roku:

Known Issue: Captions/Subtitles do not work for most movies on the Roku. Sorry, we’re working on it!

Smart TV/Smart BluRay Players: We don’t yet have an app for these, but you can use the internet browser that is built in:

Example #1: Sony_BD

Example #2: Samsung-BD

We’ll continue to update this page as there is more to report. Last Updated: May 29, 2015